• Match

    Find your look

    Match is an in-store engagement platform. Built on large capacitive touchscreens, customers can easily browse products, search/discover new ones, and share with friends for feedback via email or social networks.

  • React

    Reinventing the Shopping Experience

    Prop an item on React and see it come alive describing the product. Engage and educate customers instores like never before. Empower customer representatives to sell more and faster.

  • Lemur

    LemurTM is a semantic search, discovery and recommendation engine. It seeds new products to cover depth and breadth of the product inventory. Our recommendations are based on a user’s shopping journey. Lemur’s job is to help customers navigate across the depth and breadth of the product inventory.


  • Intuitive & Rich User Interface

  • Product Recommendation & Usage Analytics

  • Remote Update and Management

  • Linked to Store


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